About Me

  About Me  
I was born at just the right time...

As the first computers were introduced, I was just coming up through grade school.  I first started on a TRS 80 like this:
TRS 80 advertising social networking make money
Then when IBM came out with their first PC in 1981, our family owned business was one of the first online:
1981 IBM PC John Deere
We owned a True Value Hardware and John Deere dealership and our parts department connected to John Deere's mainframe via acoustic modem.  Your phone receiver snapped into this modem:
Acoustic Modem John Deere
From the very beginning I was one of the few in my circle that understood computers, how they worked online and how to use them for business.

But we'll come back to that...

My grandfather was a really smart business man.  I have learned a lot from him!  He has encouraged me my whole life to be a student of business.  So, it has always been almost like my hobby to study what makes a successful business.

That's why I think you are making a good choice when you contact me to help you with your marketing needs.  I not only have over 20 years in the business, but I understand the inner workings of business.  That means helping you advertise effectively, not foolishly.  I understand that every dollar counts.

Now back to the computers...

Because I have grown up at just the right time, it is a natural thing for me to know and understand how to incorporate the online world with your business.  Computers (and now mobile) is just a normal part of life for us.  You want an advisor who can help you marry smart traditional marketing with the new, fast and mobile online world.

It costs nothing to meet with me.  Just give me a call and let's schedule an appointment to talk and see if we are a good fit to work together to keep your business growing.

Jason Younger
(620) 662-4486